Friday, November 12, 2010

Breakfast Tacos

This recipe is inspired by my mom.  She is also on the journey to eating better and feeling better.  She told me that in an effort to eat something other than oatmeal for breakfast, she dreamed up this beauty.  I took some liberty to embellish it a tad.  I hope you enjoy and have a healthy, fulfilling start to your day!

1 "good" corn tortilla ( I love the Mi Abuela Bonita ones from Whole Foods)
1 "good" egg ( and by good, I mean, organic, free range, cage free...the whole nine yards)
1/4 cup black beans, heated up
a sprinkle of cumin
a drizzle of whatever salsa you have handy ( I used a salsa verde)
a couple hunks of avocado
a couple leaves of cilantro (optional)

So, in a cast iron skillet, heat your tortilla on both sides and set aside.  Add a little olive oil to the pan and fry your egg.  I prefer my yoke runny, which makes for an extra delicious taco, when the yoke breaks and becomes part of the sauce. mm mmm.  Mix together warm beans and cumin and place on top of the tortilla.  Put the egg on top of the beans and drizzle with salsa.  Top it all off with some sliced avocado.  if you are really crazy and work really hard at presentation, knock yourself out with a garnish of cilantro.  But for me, the presentation didn't matter, because it was consumed in about 5 seconds!

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